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You can fill in the contact form at ‘Contact’ in the menu to submit your inquiry and to start with a beautiful branding. You will receive more information within 3 work days about the start of your branding project.

Yes that’s possible! I can imagine that’s it is a bit exciting to inform someone in another language than you used to, so therefore it is also possible to get some more contact via email for all the questions we have. That is no problem!

When you book in advance for a project (not in the month of booking), a reservation fee of 20% of the total amount of the chosen package applies. This means that this amount must be paid in advance to officially reserve your spot. This way, we both ensure that we can work together in that month.

Important note: this reservation fee is non-refundable if the project is canceled.

No, the price you see is the price you’ll pay!

If you have your own VAT-number as entrepeneur in the European Union (EU) you do not need to pay the 21% VAT we usually ask for branding services in The Netherlands. If you do not have your own VAT-number yet, then I need to charge the 21% VAT. You can ask the 21% VAT back at the TAX-authorities within 5 years when you receive your own VAT-number.

If you are an entrepreneur in a country which is not part of the European Union (EU) then – in most situations – we don’t need to charge the 21% we normally charge for these branding services in The Netherlands.

It is possible to pay the amount of the package you prefer into 2 or 3 parts and then we will begin working on your branding as soon as you make the final payment.

You can contact me to make the payment plan you prefer!

our branding package includes desktop licenses. These are great for making brochures, social media posts, and adding fonts to logos. If you want to use the font on your website, you might need an extra web license. If you only have the desktop license and want to use the font on your website too, search for the font online and visit or to buy a web license that allows you to use it safely on your website!

How it Works



This is where things really start getting exciting! When you filled in the contact form, you will receive a start date within 3 business days for your project. Once the start date is set, an invoice for the initial 20% reservation fee will be sent and we will schedule in your project. 


next steps

Once the start date is officially set, you will receive an email with the preparations for the branding project. These include an extensive mood board and in-depth questionnaire  about your business.


intro call

I believe that open communication is key to creating a successful brand. That’s why I we have an introduction call after the preparations. This call is an opportunity for us to discuss the project in more detail and make sure we are on the same page before moving forward to the design part of the process.


sit back & relax

After the introduction call, you will receive a summery of what was discussed. In addition, you will also receive the invoice for the second part of the amount of the package. This is the part where I will start working on all beautiful designs for your business. You will receive the first overview after 15 business days and have 3 moments of feedback for each element



Your designs are ready to see the light of day! This is the part we are all be waiting for. You will receive a full complete branding map with all elements you need to add your branding on each detailed level of your business. 

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