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The Bright Side Story
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The Bright Side Story


I am Sanne, owner of The Bright Side Story and driven by a deep understanding of the power of storytelling. I believe that every brand has a unique story waiting to be told.

My ultimate goal is to empower businesses to go beyond traditional marketing strategies and create immersive brand experiences. I dive deep into the heart of each business, uncovering the unique elements that make them shine. I then translate these elements into visually stunning designs.

Through The Bright Side Story, I invite you to join me in harnessing the transformative power of storytelling and unlocking the true potential of your brand. Together, let’s illuminate, enchant, and empower your brand’s story!


let’s translate your story

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Hey, I'm Sanne, And I can't wait to work with you

I am Sanne, a 29 years old Dutch woman living in Den Bosch; a vibrant city in eastern Netherlands. In June 2020 I graduated from my bachelor in Communication and 2 weeks later I started with The Bright Side Story. From day 1 I’ve been able to work full-time for my own business. In my first year I created logos and business illustrations for over 50 Dutch and Belgian entrepreneurs. In 2021 I created more than 150 logos and sublogos for entrepreneurs all over Europe. Drawing was always a common thread from the very beginning of my childhood. Every hour was spent on creative projects and all creative school subjects were my favorite. I grew up in a small village on the countryside and I had a very peaceful childhood. Therefore I chose this boho- and flower-like drawing style when I started with The Bright Side Story. This style reflects who I am and what I like the most in life. …
The Bright Side Story
The Bright Side Story